Wedding Planning Tips to Avoid Weather Woes

First off, when a good day goes bad, the major question to ask regarding your outdoor wedding is, “Do we change the location?” For your back-up plan, see if your venue has an indoor space that may be used. Otherwise, plan to have a tent on hold with a rental company that will let you make the call the day before your wedding whether the weather will be in your favor. Whatever you decide, be sure that it’s something you’ll still be proud of real 3d mink fur lashes.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

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real 3d mink fur lashes

Yeah, yeah, we know… Rain on a wedding day can be considered a stroke of luck, symbolizing blessings, cleansing, unity, a fresh start, and in some cultures fertility. Blah, blah, blah… the truth of the matter is we would all like to avoid saying our vows during pesky precipitation. But we want to make sure you’re singing in the rain, and your wedding gets through the storm.

If you have moved it indoors, but are dealing with a tempest, double check that your venue has a generator and consider renting one if they don’t.

If your heart is set on the outdoors still, have towels on hand to wipe down chairs. And don’t bum out about needing umbrellas. They can be fantastically expressive of your wedding theme by choosing identical or varying patterns and colors. Hang them on every other chair at your ceremony or place them in picturesque containers for guests to pick up. You can double them up as imaginative décor by hanging them from strands of café lights at your reception.

If you’re dealing with more than a drizzle outside, consider renting a floor. You and your guests will appreciate not digging your heels in the mud, and it could avoid more serious matters like twisted ankles. Don’t be afraid to don some adorable wellies or galoshes either. Whether just for you or for your entire wedding party, it will keep your tootsies dry and look charming betwixt a gown or suit and the soaked ground beneath.

After a rainy day, mosquitoes like to come out to play. Don’t let these pests crash your wedding by having citronella candles or bug spray on hand.

And last but not least, and certainly if you are filming the ceremony, include microphones so your vows ring out above the sound of dripping rain.

Blowin’ in the Wind
Even weddings that aren’t on sunny beaches can still fall victim to wind. Here are some practical suggestions for smooth sailing on a gusty wedding day.

Wind can seriously put a damper on your décor plans by picking up paper like place cards, toppling centerpieces, and causing fashion real 3d mink fur lashes pas. The best we can say about awkward attire moments is to take them in stride and laugh them off, but we can suggest substituting hand-painted stones or other heavy items as place cards, and to avoid tall, lightweight or top-heavy centerpieces. Even the slightest breeze can turn one over, and not only will your wedding vision need to be nixed, but you could also be dealing with cleaning up broken glass and spilled water.

If you are under a tent, by prepared by including walls to shield your festivities from the squall. You can preset them and if the weather ends up in your favor either remove them or drape them open.

In the Cold Cold Night
It’s no surprise that winter is the least popular season to get married. Most couples opt for summer and fall, but that’s no reason to shake the idea just yet. Just follow some simple tips to keep you and your wedding guests real 3d mink fur lashes .

Since 90% of wedding gowns are strapless or thin-strapped, having a winter wedding gives brides the opportunity to use accessories to put a spin on traditional wedding fashion. And it’s not just for the ladies. Both brides and grooms can incorporate atypical fabrics and textures, such as tweed, wool, and fur for an uncommon and stylish look.

And whether your venue is indoors or out, make sure there’s plenty of heat to go around using mushroom or blowing heaters. Just be sure you’re following the Fire Marshall’s requirements to keep your space safe. Be careful not to turn up the heat too much, as well; a crowd in any room will up the temp significantly, so be sure to have windows to crack or some kind of ventilation.

The Heat Is On
Just like the winter, the summer requires special wedding preparation as well. To make sure you’re keeping cool, follow these wedding planning recommendations.

For the wedding ceremony, contact a company like Splendor to order parasols or fans to protect you and your guests from oppressive heat and sunshine. Or consider providing misters and sunscreen for added relief. Have cold water or fun bevvies like ginger lemonade available as guests arrive. And don’t forget to consider where the sun is on your big day. It might sound pictorial to have the sun setting behind you, but your guests won’t agree when the sun is glaring in their eyes.

For the wedding reception your cake and flowers could suffer from stifling heat. Make sure your okay without whipped cream, marzipan, or ganache if you’re celebrating outside in the heat. And buttercream may hold up better if made with vegetable shortening instead of butter. If your wedding day turns out to be scorching, you may need to push your cake cutting up. Make sure your florist is erring on the side of caution as well, and ask them for appropriate recommendations such as orchids and calla lilies for flowers that can take the heat.

And regardless of the temperature, brides will need to make sure their makeup can stand up to rain, snow, or perspiration. We recommend Lancôme Effacernes Waterproof Protective Under Eye Concealer to keep dark circles at bay, rain or shine. Yves Saint Laurent Waterproof Eye Pencil or Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof liquid liner are two options you’ll never find running down your face. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara is a never-fail option. Lancôme Le Lipstique Lip Coulouring Stick with Becca Ultimate Matte Lip Colour will withstand whatever water comes your way. And when it all needs to come off, use real 3d mink fur lashes Clean Artiste Waterproof & Long Wearing Eye Makeup Remover will wipe the slate clean without scrubbing, tugging, or leaving an oily residue.

Whatever the weather brings on your wedding day, just be sure you’ve prepared for it all and make the best of it. Just think of all of the unexpected memories it will generate, and most likely many surprising and stunning wedding photos to appreciate with your honey forever. If you’re in search for a little bit more peace of mind, you can always purchase wedding insurance for a few hundred dollars that will cover your real 3d mink fur lashes in case your wedding needs to be postponed due to damaging weather realities.

 real 3d mink fur lashes
real 3d mink fur lashes

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