The Professional Makeup Artist Kit – Essential Items to Include

Makeup Tools such as brushes, sponges, applicators and other gadgets are essential to the work of the Makeup Artist and investment in this area is often the key to their success. With the right tools a good makeup artist can use almost any brand of makeup. The Key tools are: brushes, cosmetic sponges, mixing palettes, tweezers, spatulas, sharpeners, eyelash curlers, cue tips (swabs), cotton wool, disposable makeup applicators and tissues mink lashes mink fur .

Expect to spend a bit of money on good quality brushes. Essential if you want to do a quality makeover on a client!

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Make sure you monitor your supplies and check your bags after every assignment and replace what’s running low. There’s nothing worse than running out of an essential item on the job itself. Spending time after each assignment to restock your kit is advantageous since new jobs can come up sometimes at the last minute. Be mink lashes mink fur mink lashes mink fur ready for them!

  • Cleanser, Freshener, Moisturizer
  • Eye Makeup Remover
  • Blotting Tissues
  • Lip mask and balm
  • Foundation (various shades and light, medium, and heavy coverage, also mineral powder of various shades)
  • Both Light and Heavier “camouflage” concealer in Various Shades
  • Blusher in pinks, peaches and red
  • Eye shadows (look for palettes or create your own
  • Eyeliners in a range of shades including black, brown and white
  • Eyebrow pencils in black, brown and blonde
  • Lip colours including reds, pinks, peaches and mink lashes mink fur mink lashes mink fur browns
  • Lip pencils to complement lip colours
  • Lip gloss in clear and a variety of finishes (sparkling, tinted, metallic, etc.)
  • Loose powder in light to dark and translucent
  • Mascara in black and brown-black
  • Brushes (at least two of each):Powder brush, Blusher brush,Sponge brush, Blending brush, Contour brush, Eyeliner brush, Angled eyebrow brush, Lip brush, Concealer brush, Eye shadow brush, Detail brush
  • Foundation Brushes:Mineral, Liquid
  • Sponges: cosmetic wedges
  • Cotton wool
  • False eyelash strips and clusters, and application glues for each type
  • Eyelash curler
  • Makeup pencil sharpener
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Tissues
  • Hand Cleaner
  • Cue tips (swabs)
  • Disposable applicators (eye shadow, lip brushes and mascara wands)
  • Anti-shine
  • A makeup cape
  • Paper towels
  • Quick drying cosmetic brush cleaner
  • Hair clips

You may also want to add:

  • Makeup palette and mink lashes mink fur mink lashes mink fur spatula (for mixing foundations or lip colours
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Small bowl for water to dip sponges or brushes into
  • Hip apron to carry cosmetics on asasignment
  • A small portable chair for you to sit on for long waits out on a job
  • A portable professional lighted mirror station
  • A tall makeup chair for your client or model

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