Eyelash Extension Kits – Why You Should Avoid Them

Do you know that do it yourself eyelash extension kits are dangerous? Most of these kits involve the use of formaldehyde or cyano acrylate. Cyano acrylate has gained its reputation as “super glue” while others have given it a far more menacing title which is “crazy glue”. Seriously, who would want super glue or crazy glue on their eyelashes? One would imagine that nobody even likes regular glue anywhere near their eyes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes mink lashes.


But model citizens and celebrities have only fuelled the desire of young women to make their

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eyelashes look artificially longer and fuller. This is a bad trend specially if chemicals such as cyano acrylate is used. A study conducted by PA LEGGAT have only confirmed what many have feared, it is highly toxic and may cause conditions such as urticaria, contact dermatitis and other dermatoses – and that’s only for dental practitioners who use it as a dental adhesive. You could only imagine what it could cause if it accidentally comes into contact with your eyes.

The margin for error whenever one is using eyelash extension kits is only a few millimeters away from the eye.

If you genuinely want to look prettier with thick and full eyelashes without the dangers posed by these adhesives, there are excellent alternatives.

Eyelash growth serums are the result of years and years of clinical testing with natural ingredients and components. You can be sure that no crazy glue or harmful chemical will ever get to your eyes with these serums. Ingredients such as arnica are prominent as they can stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Eyelashes are simply hair near your eyes after all.

So go ahead and try natural and herbal solutions to see for yourself the beauty in having naturally thickened and grown eyelashes. Fake beauty isn’t something to be proud of and natural beauty is. Through this you won’t even have to bother if there’s crazy glue stuck on your lashes. Using eyelash extension kits may just do more harm than good. Natural eyelash serums are the way to go.

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