Skin Care and Makeup Tips – Spring Is In – Winter Is Out

The arrival of spring brings more hours of sunlight and the glow of the new season. Barbara Harrington, ( lash vendorsIndependent Distributor with SeneGence International® SenseCosmetics, has some special skin tips to get you out of winter’s gloom and into radiant, fresh skin for  mink fur false eyelashes spring.

Spring is definitely the season of renewal and the time to revitalize your skin and mink fur false eyelashes refresh your skin care regimen to achieve the glowing fresh look.

Here are some of my best skin tips for obtaining the radiance of the Spring S mink fur false eyelashes eason:

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Moisture in all for seasons: Even though the gloomy, dull winter months have passed, it is still important to moisturize in all seasons, even spring, to balance PH and promote cellular renewal. “Many people think that it is vital to hydrate your skin only in the winter, but moisturizer helps nourish your skin and maintain its health all year long,” says Ms. Harrington.

Lighten up with lighter colors: Think about moving up a shade in shadow and blush hues for a clean spring look. “Dark colors can really weigh your face down during summer months,” says Ms. Harrington. “Right now warm, neutral colors such as gold, pink and turquoise are in style for this season’s fresh look.”

Your skin doesn’t stop at your neck: Remember to exfoliate and moisturize consistently to leave your entire body smooth and ready for the elements. With bathing suit season almost here, it’s important to make sure that you exfoliate and moisturize to keep your skin radiant and smooth. To enhance your skin’s beauty find a good body moisturizer with Shea Butter to help make your skin healthy, radiant and hydrated.

Glow with a year-round tan: Use a bronzer or self-tanner for a sun-kissed glow without the harsh, damaging effects of the sun. According to Ms. Harrington, a bronzer gives your skin a glow for the spring without having to battle the sun’s damaging UV rays. “Using a bronzer or self-tanner is a safe and healthy way to liven up your skin and create a natural-looking, luminescent glow,” said Ms. Harrington.


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