7 Steps For Great Eye Makeup

When you’re going out at night and if you want to make yourself look fabulous, (http://www.biothermlashes.com/eyelash vendors) then you’ll have to focus on your eye makeup. There is several things you can do to make your eyes look amazing mink fur eyelash manufacturer .

The first thing you could do is to prepare your eyes with concealer to cover up or remove any unwanted color around your eyes. Of course you don’t want yourself to look like a panda. Squeeze out three dots of concealer and apply them under each eye. Concealer can help you to cover up the dark under eye circles. Usually the inner corners of the eyes are the darkest. So the first of the three dots should be placed on the inside corner, the second one under the pupil and lastly on the outer corner. And then rub them with your ring finger which has the most flesh, until the concealer dissolves mink fur eyelash manufacturer .


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label real mink fur eyelash

The second thing you should do is to apply eye base to your eyelids. People often ask me how to keep their eye shadow for longer hours. And the answer is to use eye base properly. Use eye base before using eye shadow to pretend it mink fur eyelash manufacturer  from melting.

Now is the time to apply eye shadow. You should start with the eyelids and build it up to the eyebrow. The fantastic idea is to use a three color shadow and then mix them up. First, use a light color that is close to your eye color. Then apply  mink fur eyelash manufacturer a medium color on the lids. Finish with the darkest color and let the three blend into each other well.

Next is to use eyeliners to make your eyes look larger. Get a wet slanted brush and line the eyes from inner corner to outer edge with some dark eye shadow. Do the same with the lower lashes as the upper ones but from the middle to the  mink fur eyelash manufacturer outside.

In order to make your eyes really stands out, beside eyeliner, you also need to use highlighter. For a night makeup, pink or gold highlighters are more suitable than white ones. Use the highlighter to draw a “v” at the inner corners of the eyes. mink fur eyelash manufacturer Soften the color with finger.

The highlighter has another use which is to highlight your eyebrows. Draw lightly on your brows from middle to the end and rub a little bit with your fingers.

Finally, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler followed by using mascara. Remember to use mascara on both upper and lower eyelashes. Different brand of mascara may have different method of application. Refer to the manual that came with it for instruction.

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