Into the Wonderland of Mineral Makeup

Have we at last found the magical wand that will give us flawless, radiant look anytime of the day? Some would describe mineral composition as a cure-all solution to all your makeup related woes. Mineral cosmetics became a trend during the 90s and its popularity has continued to grow till date mink cluster lashes .

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Mineral makeup was launched as an alternative to conventional makeup product, which contained insidious chemicals, synthetic dye, preservative, fragrance etc. as ingredients. Earlier mineral composition was only available at dermatologists offices. But growing awareness to use safe makeup items made it popular even in mainstream cosmetology. A newer generation of makeup artists and beauticians are bullish on promoting mineral cosmetics for beautiful, flawless look mink cluster lashes mink cluster lashesmink cluster lashes .

The mainstay ingredient in mineral composition is grounded mineral dust. Mineral excavated from mines is dusted and purified in labs to create mineral makeup range. The dust is mixed with rich color pigments to create different hues and shades. Although traditional mineral cosmetics were available in powdered form only but now many eminent brands are also offering liquid consistency mineral composition for women with dry skin mink cluster lashes .

The main ingredients used in mineral makeup are – mica, zinc oxide, iron oxide and titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have anti-inflammatory property, which acts as a soothing agent against skin irritations and rashes. Mineral products are non reactive and therefore, don’t cause redness after use. Doctors during 90s started recommending mineral cosmetics to patients after plastic surgeries and laser treatment. Pure mineral foundation added a protective layer over the sensitized skin and hid redness caused by laser treatment. Anti-inflammatory properties also control skin conditions like -pimples, acne and rosacea. The micro particles of minerals are light in weight and don’t pour into skin pores and so, your skin can continue to breathe even through the layers of makeup mink cluster lashes .

Mineral cosmetics have got built-in SPF that offers protection against sun and reduces chances of skin cancer. It is absolutely non-reactive, and works as excellent camouflage for any skin imperfection. This inherent quality of mineral composition has made it popular with wedding makeup artists.

Mineral cosmetics are available in powder form which spread more easily and evenly over the surface. Some women have complained that mineral makeup tends to gather at the fine lines. The rule of thumb is to apply only a fine layer of loose mineral makeup. This will actually hide the line against emphasizing them.

Many mineral foundations now come with an in-built applicator which makes it easier to carry in your bag and apply for touch ups. In order to get the best out of mineral foundation choose a shade closest to your skin tone. Nowadays, some brands offer an exhaustive range of foundation shades mink cluster lashes .

Achieving perfection in applying mineral makeup may require some time. But with trial and error method you’ll eventually learn the right amount of foundation to use on your face. Some brands have also launched liquid mineral foundation that spreads more easily than powder foundation.

Mineral makeup foundation gives you the ‘barely there look’. It rather emphasizes natural radiance. Mineral cosmetics are ideal to wear during summer when one sweats more. Conventional makeup is notorious for sliding off your face as you sweat. But mineral makeup stays on mink cluster lashes .

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