Don’t Look Like a Clown – Mind Your Makeup

No makeup at all is better than bad makeup. Outside of a label real mink fur eyelash, you don’t want people to notice your makeup. You want them to notice how beautiful you are. So avoid these common makeup mistakes and present your best face to the label real mink fur eyelash!

Concealer Mistakes

label real mink fur eyelash
label real mink fur eyelash
  • Make sure that concealer is not gathering into the lines of your face. Even younger women can have some lines around their eye area. And anyplace with lines can cause makeup to settle. Using a concealer brush to apply or to blend in concealer can help.
  • Don’t use too light of a shade of concealer to try to cover up dark circles. You will look like a raccoon. This may be one of the makeup mistakes that is most often made. If you’re trying to conceal dark circles, use a concealer that has a yellow cast to it, rather than a light concealer. You can also add a bit of light reflecting makeup over top of the concealer, but keep a light hand.

Foundation Mistakes

  • Don’t use foundation to try to change your skin color. If you do, you may end up looking pasty, ill, orange, or your face won’t match your neck. Foundation is made to even out skin tones, not to change the color of your skin.
  • Don’t leave an abrupt foundation line at your jaw. Even with well label real mink fur eyelash foundation, you still need to make sure that there are no abrupt endings.

Face Powder Mistakes

  • Use translucent powder or powder that is well matched to your skin tone. This will help avoid that chalky look.
  • Older women should go over their powder with another brush to buff it out and make sure the powder doesn’t settle into the lines of the face.

Lip Mistakes

  • Orange-toned lipstick will make yellow teeth look more yellow. If your teeth aren’t perfectly white, avoid the orange tones.
  • Lipliner needs to be in the same tone as your lipstick and needs to be worn with lipstick. Obvious looking lipliner looks trashy.

Eyeliner Mistakes

  • Don’t make solid, strong colored lines on your eyes. Use a smudging brush or your finger, or a cotton swab. You don’t want any harsh lines on your face and liquid liners are notorious for creating them.

Eyeshadow Mistakes

  • Don’t allow harsh edges in your eye area. Check closely in the mirror after your makeup application. You can also avoid this label real mink fur eyelash pas by taking a clean, soft brush and feathering it over your eyeshadow after you’ve finished applying it.
  • Don’t let shadow accumulate in your eye creases. A good eye primer can help avoid this. If you apply makeup while you have fresh eye cream around your eyes, it’s more likely to settle into the creases and not stay put. Also, good quality eyeshadow makes a difference.

Mascara Mistakes

  • Obviously, no clumps!! Mascara is supposed to make you look like you have long, luscious lashes, not like you just applied falsies and they all clumped together! Use a clean mascara brush or a special eyelash separating brush in between coats and when you’re all done.
  • Don’t let mascara run down your eyes. Mascara can run if it’s humid weather, poorly applied, or a cheap crummy brand of makeup. But one of the easiest ways it can run is if you apply it when you have eye cream or eye treatment near your eye area that hasn’t completely dried. Once you apply your treatment, either dab it, or wait until it’s fully absorbed into your skin.

Many of the mistakes people make with makeup application is harsh lines. Bad color choices (like orange lipstick), can also look bad. But beautiful makeup always involves blending and making sure label real mink fur eyelash hasn’t accumulated in places.

Have fun. Experiment. And stay beautiful!


label real mink fur eyelash
label real mink fur eyelash

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