Stop Using Heavy Foundation Makeup and Get Better Skin

The viral videos on how to use heavy foundation makeup are multiplying handmade eyelashes wholesale ! ( lash vendors wholesale)

One that has had millions of views is how to cover up adult acne. It’s a GREAT video and the instructor uses a ridiculous number of foundations and powders to cover up her adult acne. The results are stunning. I was impressed with her techniques and learned quite a handmade eyelashes wholesale handmade eyelashes wholesale  bit.

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But, rather than covering up your skin, what about getting BETTER SKIN?

Instead of using heavy foundation makeup, I would encourage you to get your handmade eyelashes wholesale handmade eyelashes wholesale skin in its best condition and let your skin be your foundation! What do you think?

If you are like me, I always had problem skin. Too oily, too dry, acne, fine lines, dullness, dead skin, etc. I have tried so many skin care products and visited multiple dermatologists. But, I never continued with a skin care regimen because they never worked. The time and money that I have spent on skin care has to be well into the tens of thousands of dollars.­­­

Three years ago, I discovered a skin care system that actually worked for my skin and many of my friends. I first saw the results of the products on a friend who was a television meteorologist. I couldn’t believe that her skin was getting better with age! I had to get what she was using! I discovered that she was using Rodan + Fields.

I had never heard of Rodan + Fields, but I heard of their founders who are the creators of Proactiv Solution (the #1 acne system in the USA). I decided that if I could get the results that my friend was getting, then I wanted those products!

Because of the Rodan + Fields products, my skin had changed, especially the texture. My adult acne was diminishing and my skin had never felt better. I actually started to receive compliments on my skin. I couldn’t believe that people were actually complimenting me on my skin – that had NEVER happened to me until I started to use the Rodan + Fields products. I am still shocked today when someone compliments me – it’s hard to believe that this is my skin!

After several months using the products, I realized that I didn’t need the heavy handmade eyelashes wholesale handmade eyelashes wholesale handmade eyelashes wholesale foundation makeup that I had been wearing for years (I was 46 years old at the time). My skin looked good, my skin felt good. So, a light dusting of mineral peptide powder was all that I needed when I left the house.

My story of how I stopped using heavy foundation makeup was a direct result of getting better skin. Besides, as I get even older, the heavy foundation makeup will actually make me look older and not younger.

The videos about heavy foundation makeup are needed and do have a place in our lives for special occasions or events in which our skin did not want to cooperate. But, on a daily basis, I would recommend that you work on getting your skin to be its own BEST foundation.

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