Understanding Eye Anatomy – The Biological Makeup Of The Human Eye

The human eye is one of the most amazing organs in the human body.(http://www.biothermlashes.com/wholesale eyelash vendors)  It is through this organ that we take in a lot of information from our environment and observe the beautiful world around us. Here are some surprising facts about the eye that you probably never knew that you will find fascinating. If your eyes are blue then you share a common ancestor with every other blue eyed individual in the world. There is a connection between our eyes and our brain. Therefore, the information that our eyes receive is sent to our brains via the optic nerve in order to help us to make decisions based on the information our eyes are seeing. For example, this explains certain reflex actions that we perform such as dodging a fast moving flying object in order to avoid injury. Have you ever wondered what  fast delivery 3d mink fast delivery 3d mink your precious eyes are made of? Here is some information concerning this subject related to the anatomy of the human eye:

The human eye is made up of three essential  fast delivery 3d mink fast delivery 3d mink parts or layers. These are called the outer layer, also known as the sclerotic, the middle layer, called the choroid and the inner layer which is called the retina.

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The first layer is called the outer layer which is the sclerotic. This part of the eyes is transparent in nature. In the center of the Sclerotic is the cornea. The cornea is known as the clear thin film that is found in the front surface of the eyes. fast delivery 3d mink fast delivery 3d mink The role of the cornea is to receive light reflected off of objects focus that light and transmit it to the retina. The second layer of the eyes called the choroid is made up of numerous tiny blood vessels and it consists of the iris with the pupil in the center of it. These tiny blood vessels carry blood circulation from one part of the eye to the other. The crystalline lens is located behind of the iris. The role of the lens is to focus light as it passes through the pupil and focus this incoming light on the retina. The choroid also comprises of the ciilary muscles. The third part of the eyes is called the inner layer which is better known as the retina. The retina is a thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eyes. In the center of the retina is the macular (the part of the eyes responsible for visual acuity (sharper eyesight). This region of the visual system is also called the light sensitive part of the eyes due to the fact that it processes light and sends light images to the brain via the optic nerve where the brain interprets that image and converts it into the vision that we see. This region consists of rods and cones. The rods are responsible for visual acuity (sharp eyesight at night), while the cones are responsible for color perception (brighter colors in the daytime). Without the retina all of the other parts of the visual system would not work properly and our vision would become completely dark.

The eyes are without a doubt one of the most fascinating organs in the human body. Due to the fact that they serve such an essential role in our everyday lives they require care to function efficiently and serve us well in our everyday activities which are all visual in nature. From this point of view, the pursuit of an eye exercise program can help to keep all of its various parts working together in tip top shape. The eyes have blood vessels and eye muscles that play a role in the function of the visual system. Eye exercises along with the proper nutrition supply essential oxygen and healthy blood circulation to the eyes for better vision. Additionally, the eye exercises strengthen the focusing ability of the eyes; a process that ultimately, leads to better natural vision without glasses.

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