New Must Have Gadgets For the Coming Year

We can have a recession and we can have a credit crunch, we can lose our jobs and our homes but despite all this, there will always be a market for gadgets that seem pretty pointless to many but are the must-haves of other people’s lives. Inventors make their living from product design and not all of it is useful – some of it is and some of it is just… stuff eyelash extensions extremely eyelash extensions extremely eyelash extensions extremely eyelash extensions extremely eyelash extensions extremely eyelash extensions extremelyeyelash extensions extremely eyelash extensions extremely eyelash extensions .

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At the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the 2009 range of useless toot – sorry, fancy gadgets – have been displayed. 3D televisions from Sony and Panasonic will give you something to do while you’re out of work – dodging the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park or Angelina Jolie’s legs flying through Tomb Raider. It’s just a pity you can’t get away with not wearing the idiot 3D glasses while you watch it.

3D PlayStation 3’s were on show along with 3D games like car racing.

Product design is also about to bring us glasses that show films on the inside as demonstrated at the show. Watching a film from inside your glasses means that you will you be able to watch them anywhere – at work, on the bus, at the mother in law’s etc. Think of the advantages to this one!

An organic light emitting diode, or OLED, was also demonstrated in the form of a hand-sized flexible colour screen. How did any of us ever get by without a flexible screen to hand?

The show’s hottest product design was said to be the Pre – Palm’s latest cell phone handset to rival Apple’s iPhone complete with touch screen and qwerty keyboard. A camera, wi-fi and GPS are also on the phone. In typical James Bond style there is also a wristwatch that doubles up as a phone.

Product design ahs also bought us such useful gadgets as the WooWee Spyball should we want to randomly spy on people, a cell phone that can project video and pictures onto a larger screen and a USB on a flexicord that doesn’t get tangled. Far be it from me to say so, but these all seem like a waste of money!

That said, the show has highlighted some things for which an application would be worth finding. We have the semi-transparent AMOLED screen which will be used for making ‘heads-up’ displays in cars and a mobile phone with a foldable AMOLED screen meaning that you can achieve a much better display.

From a purely girly point of view product design has brought us some revolutionary items that will make our lives undoubtedly easier. Eye drops are now on the market that will cause our eye lashes to grow longer and thicker. Now I like the sound of this one!

For those who hate early mornings there is the robot that serves you breakfast and for those with allergies there is a fake cat. Apparently, it comes with all the de-stressing benefits of having a pet but without the mess and allergens.

So, it would seem it makes no difference that it makes no difference how little spare money there is floating around in the world or how rubbish some ideas are, there will always be a market for trivia.

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