How to Shop For the Right Makeup For Yourself

It is hard to know where to begin. Take heart, there is a fool custom mink lashes  proof system to make it easier. ( lash vendors) Whether you are shopping for foundation or lipstick, the same steps apply.

Let’s start with your lipstick. First, separate the lipsticks into warm and cool colors and pull out the ones that might be for you. Put them on the counter in order of shades from light to dark. Start in the middle and try on the medium shade. If it is too dark, custom mink lashes custom mink lashes put it back in the tester and forget the darker colors. Now try on the next lightest color, then the next lightest and so on, until you have found the right shade for you. Often the color in the tube, pan or bottle does not look the same on your skin, so trying on the middle shade gives you a starting point. This system also keeps the colors organized, so you do not forget which ones you have already tried on. You will quickly know whether or not this cosmetic line carries your perfect color. If it does, you have found your color quickly. If no, just move on to another counter.

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This shopping system works especially well for products that are removable   custom mink lashes from the tester unit. Blushers and eye shadows are usually glued to the unit, so you cannot take them out, but you can still use the same principle of starting with the middle shade and then moving lighter or darker.

Often you will not have to do this testing all by yourself. Most sales assistants with the major cosmetic lines are familiar with color analysis and are trained beauty advisers, so you will find them quite knowledgeable. Together you can use the ‘line’ them up, try on the middle method for finding your perfect shades.

Be sure to check the shade in natural light. Most stores use fluorescent lighting, so you may need to borrow a hand mirror and go to the shop entrance or window to evaluate the color. As you try out new products, ask yourself if the color is right.

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