How To Do The Sexy and Mysterious Seductive Gaze

One of the custom mink eyelashes I get from my clients is that however much they try, they can’t do the “mysterious seductive” gaze; that intriguing and absorbing look that calls out to the primal in the opposite sex.

The sexy and mysterious seductive gaze is so powerful and can be very difficult to look away from because it locks the mind into trying to figure out what is hidden and not being shown by the eyes. The mind seems to automatically sense there is something in the eyes that is both revealed and concealed at the same time, but it does not know what it is. This push-pull dynamic between what is revealed and concealed forces the mind to scan for visual messages it normally would not.


To create that “reveal and conceal,” “custom mink eyelashes-pull” effect, use the eyes in such a way that your eye gestures somewhat “conflict” with your other body language. For example, turn your body away from the person and give them an over the shoulder glance; or lower your head downwards and look through the eyelashes; or remove all expression from your face and smile with just your eyes; or look and then quickly look away, look back and then look away again and smile, etc. The limited time provided to indulge in steady eye contact intensifies the incomprehensibility. A further absorbing and downright fun element is set in play when your smile comes before or after the start of a “look,” but never at the same time.

When the eyes do not give away all the information, and when they contradict the other body language “tension” is heightened in the mind and some “mystery” is added to the interpretation of what is revealed and what is concealed. The other person gets the sense that something compelling is happening, but the eyes are presented with many other contradicting body language signals that the mind is locked and typically asks for more information in a frantic effort to “find out’.

Here is the catch. The real mystery of the “custom mink eyelashes seductive” gaze is that when you look past the initial mysteriousness, you’ll see that the gaze is not meant to hide anything at all. If anything, the eyes reveal what the mind is overlooking. To further enhance the sex appeal of your gaze, simply combine it with a “thought-message” that you want to send about yourself. Don’t say anything, just think it in your mind, let it dwell in there and it will come through in your eyes. For example, you might want to send the message that says, “Come play with me, I am willing to be wooed and well worth the effort,” or “I am an adventurous spirit who promises comfortable pleasure, adventure, and excitement beyond anything you can ever imagine,” and so on. The message should be an accurate and truthful communication about you. If you are trying to be who you are not, the other person will only see eye gestures that are inconsistent with other body language and figure out that you are “lying.”

Nothing will improve your dating prospects more than fluency in eye language. The eyes have it – they begin it, they make it happen and they finish it. The sex appeal and seductiveness of the eyes — the window to the soul — is more custom mink eyelashes than any pick-up lines, ice-breakers or conversation starters you can ever come up with. I encourage you to go out there and let your eyes do the “talking” and see what happens!


If you are not sure of where to even begin, go to my website where you’ll find articles and exercises that will help you add “sexy” into your eyes.

Christine Akiteng is an internationally renowned Sexual Confidence/Dating Coach and author of e-Books: The Art Of Seducing Out Of Fullness, Breaking A Bad Relationships Pattern, and Playing Hard-To-Get The Love Way.




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