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Stylish Even When It Rains

The arrival of the rains is considered a positive atmospheric change by many people because it refills bodies that store this life-giving liquid. However, for fashionistas, this arrival can only be perceived as the descent of the weather devils. Many do feel and act like hell has descended upon our planet. Is there a way to make rains more fashion friendly or to make fashion more rain-friendly? Haven’t we always been taught to respect nature? Haven’t we learnt how to adjust to the climate by finding intelligent solutions? With a lot of creativity we can complain less and embrace the monsoons fashionable. A children’s game called ‘Rainy Day Dress Up’ is very popular with young girls because it gives them the freedom to choose an outfit for a female character. As adults, we can make our own choices and stock out cruelty free 3d mink lashes with clothes that can be worn during the rains.

cruelty free 3d mink lashes
cruelty free 3d mink lashes

The first few things that you must head to the store for before it rains are an umbrella and a rain coat. They are products designed specifically for use when it rains and they tend to be indispensable for their users during those times. They may not protect you from head to toe, but they will be able to protect at least half of your body from the lashing rains. Carrying an umbrella or wearing a raincoat should not be considered fashion taboos. They are practical and are considered as fashion accessories. Pick a raincoat and umbrella of the color and pattern you want. It won’t take much time to find any of your choice. Choose colorful ones that contrast with the gloomy, sun-less sky. You and your raincoat or umbrella will definitely turn many approving heads. If you aren’t in favour of raincoats made of plastic, you can always opt for trench coats. The timeless classics will never make you look out-of-place. Trench coats can be worn even during autumn and during winter. Go buy yourself a nice trench coat.

For footwear, be wise and avoid those made of leather or even cruelty free 3d mink lashes leather, if you care about them. A drenched leather shoe will stiffen or just never retain its original good looks. The safe and intelligent options are rubber boots or ballerina flats. They come in pretty colors and patterns to cater to the needs of fashionistas, who are never disappointed by their designs. You can get boots that are knee-high, calf length or even ankle length. They do a great job of protecting your feet from remaining immersed in rain water and keep your pedicured nails clean and intact. Even designer rubber boots have become a rage among celebrities who don them with almost every outfit, from short dresses to shorts to jeans, anything.

The monsoon fashionista paraphernalia is incomplete without a stylish outfit that is protected by your umbrella, trench coat or rain coat. What should you wear under them? Well, if it’s only drizzling then you can wear short dresses, preferably made of cotton. Try fabrics that will dry quickly, instead of going for thick material. If it is cold, put on a sweater dress. A sweater dress, a trench coat and knee-length rubber boots will make the perfect rainy day outfit.

Save velvets and silk for dry days. Not only will they be cruelty free 3d mink lashes  by the rain but you will also end up looking disheveled and clumsily dressed.

cruelty free 3d mink lashes
cruelty free 3d mink lashes

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