How to Achieve a Simple Makeup Technique?

You will need a highlighter, ( vendors) dark eye pencil or shadow and mink fur eyelash manufacturer  two colored mink fur eyelash manufacturer eye shadows.

Cover the entire eye area from brow to lashes with this color. Draw a three quarter line along the edge of the lower lid, fading away as you move toward the nose. Draw another line along the top lid just beyond the outer edge of the iris of the eye. This line should be drawn thicker and extend into a triangle shape. Blend with a cotton bud or sponge tip applicator to soften the look. Keep your pencil sharp and if necessary, warm the point against the palm  mink fur eyelash manufacturer mink fur eyelash manufacturer of your hand before starting to use it.


3D mink false lashes
3D mink false lashes

Color one should be a darker color than the highlighter but lighter than color two. This color is used on the inner area of the eye from the eyebrow down the side of the nose and in towards the corner of the eye.

Color two should harmonize with color one but choose a slightly darker shade. This is the most important color and is used along the top lid over the pencil next to the eyelashes and then blended over the socket line in a softly rounded shape. This color is not winged  mink fur eyelash manufacturer outwards.

When using a mascara, use a black mascara only if you have dark lashes. Black is not always the most flattering color. Brown and gray can be very effective and, of course, there are now lots of fun colors which can be very appropriate when making up for the evening or a special occasion. It can be effective to start with the neutral color and add the fun color over the top or just to the tips of the lashes.

Begin by brushing down the top lashes from above and then brush up from below, mink fur eyelash manufacturer mink fur eyelash manufacturer making sure to catch the outer lashes as well. Carefully touch the lower lashes with color and use a cotton bud to catch any blobs. If the lashes lie very flat on the face, carefully place a tissue underneath before applying. Several thin coats are better than one thick one and if necessary, the lashes can be separated with your lash comb.

As for your lipstick, this is the area where people seem to have strong feelings, so this must be taken into account seriously. Some people prefer to apply foundation to the mouth before adding lipstick, so you may like to experiment with this and see if you find it preferable. Certainly it is necessary if you are planning to change the shape of the mouth.

If you are mastering the techniques of using a lip pencil and brush, you should make a habit of using them on yourself daily in order to increase your proficiency.

The larger mouth may benefit from a darker shade or a lack of proportion may be corrected by using different lipstick shades. When corrections are needed to the shape of the mouth, it is important to make them look as natural as possible. If you are going to reshape your mouth, you will need to cover the natural shape with foundation or concealer and powder before drawing in the improved line. Fill in the shape with a lip brush in the usual way.

A slightly darker lip pencil is more effective for outlining, but when discussing a line,mink fur eyelash manufacturer mink fur eyelash manufacturer  you may want to blend in rather than stand out, so bear this in mind when choosing your color. It can also help to use a pale pearl lipstick which will tend to draw attention to itself rather than the mouth shape.

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Breakup Or Makeup

Surviving the pain of breaking up with someone you are still in love with can be truly unbearable. ( lash vendors wholesale) Getting back with or getting even with your ex often consumes your every thought. Everything around you can seem pointless, your  natural mink fur false eyelash body feels numb and it is hard to get your mind to focus. It can often feel like your whole world is spiraling out of control. This is called grieving. A breakup is like a death and it is extremely difficult to overcome. A part of your life has passed and it is very hard to accept this fact. Often we do not want to face the truth. During this grieving process the world seems to pass you by but you are no longer participating  natural mink fur false eyelash in it. You are numb.

These words may be hard to read or hear but with patience and time you will survive. Life will move forward and so will you. Time is the main factor in getting through this difficult period. However, the old saying ” Time heals all wounds” is only partly true. When a relationship that was intense and full of love and passion dies, time doesn’t heal the wounds completely. The pain you feel becomes less and you learn to live with it. I prefer to say “Time gives you strength to move forward and natural mink fur false eyelash  begin living again.” When a relationship ends or is in a troubled state you basically have a choice to make.


3D mink false lashes
3D mink false lashes
  1. The first is to move forward in a new direction and leave the past in the past. Take things one day at a time and focus on the important things you have to do to get through each day. With time your inner strength will return and you will realise your ex n natural mink fur false eyelash o longer occupies your every waking thought. When this happens you can rest assured that you are starting to heal.
  2. The second choice is often the hardest as it takes strength, courage and determination. If you know deep in your heart that this person is the “one” then do not sit back and let them go. Fight for the love that you once shared. Well meaning friends and family may try to change your mind but in the end the decision is yours.

Communication will be the key to any reconciliation. Both people involved need to be honest and discuss any issues that caused the breakup in the first place. These issues need to be resolved before you can commit to each other fully once again. If you do not resolve them completely you may find yourself reading articles like this again in another six or twelve months. Remember a good start leads to a great finish.

Regardless of which path you decide to travel keep your eyes, your mind and your heart open. Wonderful things really do happen to those who are ready to receive them.

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How to Shop For the Right Makeup For Yourself

It is hard to know where to begin. Take heart, there is a fool custom mink lashes  proof system to make it easier. ( lash vendors) Whether you are shopping for foundation or lipstick, the same steps apply.

Let’s start with your lipstick. First, separate the lipsticks into warm and cool colors and pull out the ones that might be for you. Put them on the counter in order of shades from light to dark. Start in the middle and try on the medium shade. If it is too dark, custom mink lashes custom mink lashes put it back in the tester and forget the darker colors. Now try on the next lightest color, then the next lightest and so on, until you have found the right shade for you. Often the color in the tube, pan or bottle does not look the same on your skin, so trying on the middle shade gives you a starting point. This system also keeps the colors organized, so you do not forget which ones you have already tried on. You will quickly know whether or not this cosmetic line carries your perfect color. If it does, you have found your color quickly. If no, just move on to another counter.

3D mink false lashes
3D mink false lashes



This shopping system works especially well for products that are removable   custom mink lashes from the tester unit. Blushers and eye shadows are usually glued to the unit, so you cannot take them out, but you can still use the same principle of starting with the middle shade and then moving lighter or darker.

Often you will not have to do this testing all by yourself. Most sales assistants with the major cosmetic lines are familiar with color analysis and are trained beauty advisers, so you will find them quite knowledgeable. Together you can use the ‘line’ them up, try on the middle method for finding your perfect shades.

Be sure to check the shade in natural light. Most stores use fluorescent lighting, so you may need to borrow a hand mirror and go to the shop entrance or window to evaluate the color. As you try out new products, ask yourself if the color is right.

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How to Apply Makeup in Five Easy Steps

If there is a remnant of a product, such as a moisturizing cream, ( vendors wholesale) oil,  factory direct mascara factory water, nail polish won’t be well distributed on the nail.

First of all, apply polish on the clean surface, that will take care of the factory direct mascara factory factory direct mascara factory hollow and a lump on the surface of the nail, nurture it and prepare it for the layer of light color. Before you start the application and painting, wait a bit until the base is dry.


3D mink false lashes
3D mink false lashes

The main thing that women do not pay attention to is the application: nail polish should be applied gradually. Rather than blitz, easy to apply polish in just a few seconds, slowly apply nail polish along three different lines. First, along the mid-nail, and then along each side.

Keep the nail polish in the refrigerator. About twenty minutes before the manicure, remove it from the fridge; which will give it enough time to reach the room temperature.

If you do not have much time to dry your nails, put them in the bowl of factory direct mascara factory factory direct mascara factory  cold water and soak immediately after the nail varnish. Due to the cold water, nail color will harden easily, but at the same time, it won’t be damaged.

It might seem that the nail polish dried easily, but it should take up to 12 hours for it to be completely dry. Heat can adversely affect this process, therefore, refrain from washing hands in warm water, shower and wash dishes.

Use hand creams that have SPF. Most of these creams also protect skin around the nail, which will facilitate your manicure. If you do not use skin cream regularly, your skin will be dry or even cracked, which can often leave a bloody trail.

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5 Makeup Secrets That You Should Know

We all know that in the world of make up, ( mink lash vendors)  it involves a lot of tricks and tips that can help us maintain a good and flawless face. Some of us may miss a few steps, and we  have accidents every now and then. However, there are still those china mink fur eyelash  tried and true make up secrets that are just worthy to take note of.


1. Reverse Highlighting


3D mink false lashes
3D mink false lashes

This tip will help in emphasizing your cheekbones without even having to do apply anything on them. All you have to do is apply a light dusting of shimmery highlight at the tops of your cheekbones as well as underneath it. The light will reflect on the shimmer which will thus make your cheeks stand out.

2. Put Some Foundation Behind Your Ear

If you are preparing for an important event and are planning to put your hair up, apply some foundation behind your ears. The color behind your ears will look drastically different from your face that was just made up so it’s always a good idea to give some attention to them.

3. Highlight Just Above The Eyebrow

A great tip in creating the illusion of a lifted eyebrow china mink fur eyelash  is by applying a thin highlight just above it by using an eyeliner brush. The light will hit it in a way that your brows will appear more arched. A great thing about this tip is that you don’t have to do all the waxing to achieve it!

4. Finding Your Cheekbones The Right Way

Smiling while applying the blush on the cheeks is not actually a great idea. If you really want to know how to locate your cheekbones, the correct way to do it is by placing your thumb near the topmost part of your ear, take your pointer finger out and china mink fur eyelash  connect it towards the corner of your nose. That area is where you should apply your blush.

5. Apply an Eye Primer On Your Dark Circles Before Applying Concealer

If there’s one thing most of us would hate more that anything, it would definitely have something to do with creasing. Prevent concealer creases on your under eye area by applying some eye primer first. This will help the concealer adhere very well and it will help it last longer. It’s also recommended to pat on some translucent powder or blot powder to set it in place.

These are great make up secrets that are worth trying. It really  china mink fur eyelash china mink fur eyelash takes a trick or two to get things right. Try doing these tips at home because you will surely include them in your make up routine.


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The Smart Makeup Kit – What Cosmetic Products You Should and Should Not Pay a Lot For

There are so many cosmetic products already on the market, ( vendors wholesale) with countless brands and prices to choose from, and more being added every day. As a result, navigating the world of makeup shopping can be overwhelming, especially if you are on a budget.  best 3d silk fur lashes Read on to find out which products you need to invest in and which ones you can get away with paying less for.

Foundation is something you absolutely should invest in. Our skin, especially best 3d silk fur lashes best 3d silk fur lashes around the face and neck, is the very first thing that gives away our age, so any product we use on it should be carefully selected. Cheap foundations can clog your pores, causing more bad than good in the long-run. In addition, pricier versions tend to do a much better job of masking imperfections and providing even coverage.


mink lashes private labeling
mink lashes private labeling

Don’t forget to prep your skin with a good moisturizer before applying foundation. best 3d silk fur lashes best 3d silk fur lashes Moisturizer is another product that you shouldn’t try to save on–your skin will thank you for it later. In addition, having a quality moisturizer and foundation can help you kill two birds with one stone. You can use the two products as a base for eye shadow, removing the need to spend money on an eye shadow primer.

Eye shadow is another splurge-worthy item. Cheaper shadows tend to fade and best 3d silk fur lashes best 3d silk fur lashes  crease after a full day of wear, requiring frequent reapplication. At the end of the day, your lids are covered with layers and layers of shadow that are hard to properly blend. A versatile product that can dramatically enhance your eyes and also doubles as eyeliner is worth paying extra for.

We’ve all seen ‘spider’ lashes, which are covered in countless coats of mascara that hang off of the lashes in clumps. This is why you should invest in a quality mascara of which a quick application of just one or two coats creates long, sweeping lashes. Cheap mascaras–even the waterproof ones–tend to smudge and run at the slightest sign of moisture. Spend a little more so that you can avoid the “raccoon eyes” look even if you get caught in a rainstorm.

An eyeliner pencil is a product for which an inexpensive version will suffice. Because we are constantly blinking and rubbing our eyes, it is hard to keep eyeliner looking neat for long periods of time–even if using the most expensive brands, as my experience has shown. A reapplication here and there will be necessary, but you can help extend wear by fortifying the eyeliner with a layer of eye shadow. The great thing about not paying a lot for eyeliner is that you can buy several pencils in different colors, which will suit any mood and makeup look.

Eyebrow pencils and grooming tools area another area in which you can definitely save a few bucks. I own both a drugstore brand eyebrow grooming brush and one that came with an eyeliner pencil that cost about $30. Both brushes produce identical results, so I see no need to splurge on one of these. As for eyebrow pencils, what really matters is picking a shade that provides a good color match. Because you use the pencil to fill in the spaces between eyebrow hairs, the quality of individual strokes of color is hardly visible. As a result, the best quality pencil is not necessary for creating neat eyebrows.

Lip gloss is something that most women own many types of. Different colors, best 3d silk fur lashes best 3d silk fur lashes levels of opacity, textures–the choices are endless. Most drugstore have succeeded at creating affordable lip glosses that don’t sacrifice lasting power. Like eyeliner, I can’t imagine owning just one, so I recommend getting several inexpensive lip glosses that you can mix and match with your other makeup to create different looks. If you get tired of any one, you will be able to toss it without having to feel guilty over how much you paid for it.

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The Natural Beauty of Mineral Makeup

They say that the truest form of beauty comes from within, ( mink lash vendors) and it’s how you carry yourself that really matters. Confidence is what they always say and promote. Yes, it’s true! But wouldn’t it be lovelier to have that certain something to boost even more of our natural beauty? Why not on mineral makeup for size? Read on to learn more about the all natural make-up revolution that is sweeping the world and giving women back the youthful, natural look they’ve been hoping for best 3d mink lashes .

Mineral foundation makeup got its surprising attention and popularity in the cosmetic market after its release in the 1990s. True enough, this product does what it says and a lot of users testify to its effectiveness. It is an all natural product that does wonders to the skin because it is best 3d mink lashes best 3d mink lashes designed to benefit and overall improve the skin’s health. And beyond foundation powder, mineral based cosmetics now extend to lipstick, powder, blush, eye shadow, and other facial products.


3D mink false lashes
3D mink false lashes

Mineral make-up contains naturally made materials. Its primary ingredients are inorganic, which prevents the growth of any bacteria and therefore it is hypoallergenic, hygienic to use, and very light weight on the face. In addition, this type of mineral powder product also helps to hide best 3d mink lashes best 3d mink lashes  wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, and any imperfections on the face, making the user look younger and more radiant. It is also water resistant, which makes it more economical because it does not need re-application throughout the day. And on top of that, it has sunblock in its natural formulation, protecting the skin from best 3d mink lashes best 3d mink lashes aging and damage. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and give this truly magical make-up a try today!

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7 Steps For Great Eye Makeup

When you’re going out at night and if you want to make yourself look fabulous, ( vendors) then you’ll have to focus on your eye makeup. There is several things you can do to make your eyes look amazing mink fur eyelash manufacturer .

The first thing you could do is to prepare your eyes with concealer to cover up or remove any unwanted color around your eyes. Of course you don’t want yourself to look like a panda. Squeeze out three dots of concealer and apply them under each eye. Concealer can help you to cover up the dark under eye circles. Usually the inner corners of the eyes are the darkest. So the first of the three dots should be placed on the inside corner, the second one under the pupil and lastly on the outer corner. And then rub them with your ring finger which has the most flesh, until the concealer dissolves mink fur eyelash manufacturer .


label real mink fur eyelash
label real mink fur eyelash

The second thing you should do is to apply eye base to your eyelids. People often ask me how to keep their eye shadow for longer hours. And the answer is to use eye base properly. Use eye base before using eye shadow to pretend it mink fur eyelash manufacturer  from melting.

Now is the time to apply eye shadow. You should start with the eyelids and build it up to the eyebrow. The fantastic idea is to use a three color shadow and then mix them up. First, use a light color that is close to your eye color. Then apply  mink fur eyelash manufacturer a medium color on the lids. Finish with the darkest color and let the three blend into each other well.

Next is to use eyeliners to make your eyes look larger. Get a wet slanted brush and line the eyes from inner corner to outer edge with some dark eye shadow. Do the same with the lower lashes as the upper ones but from the middle to the  mink fur eyelash manufacturer outside.

In order to make your eyes really stands out, beside eyeliner, you also need to use highlighter. For a night makeup, pink or gold highlighters are more suitable than white ones. Use the highlighter to draw a “v” at the inner corners of the eyes. mink fur eyelash manufacturer Soften the color with finger.

The highlighter has another use which is to highlight your eyebrows. Draw lightly on your brows from middle to the end and rub a little bit with your fingers.

Finally, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler followed by using mascara. Remember to use mascara on both upper and lower eyelashes. Different brand of mascara may have different method of application. Refer to the manual that came with it for instruction.

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Beauty Problems That Makeup Cosmetics Can’t Solve

Does your skin have blackheads or enlarged pores? Perhaps your problem is whiteheads. ( lash vendor) You may have tried all sorts of makeup cosmetics to cover up these skin blemishes, and spent plenty of money in the process. They do deliver what they promise, which is to cover up your problem. The trouble is that you will have to keep buying these make up cosmetics to hide the faults in your skin since they will never make the problem go away. You should be addressing the problem from its root cause so you can eliminate it. This will decrease your dependence on makeup cosmetics large stock 3d mink .

In case you have blackheads, you will have to remove them physically. They get formed when dead skin cells and sweat block a hair follicle on your face and cause the pores to swell. Dirt and impurities get stuck in these enlarged pores and your face will have black dots on it, particularly on or around the nose and chin. They are very unattractive to look at and give your skin a rough appearance and texture. You can get to buy large stock 3d mink large stock 3d mink blackhead removers from any beauty shop.


3D mink false lashes
3D mink false lashes

These are long thin metal objects with a wire circle at one end. Hold your face over a gently steaming pan of water in order to open up the pores. Use the remover to push the blackheads out. You could also remove them using blackhead removal strips. Use a medicated face wash after you are done and finish off with a very light moisturizer. Do this gently and as infrequently as possible. You could damage your skin when you force the blackheads out.

Enlarged pores happen when the sweat glands on your face are over active. The large open pores on your face are very unappealing to look at as well. Buy a special face wash that will reduce the oil on your skin. It would be better if you could ask your dermatologist to prescribe you one. Whiteheads are another common problem, though not as bad as blackheads. These too are caused by the accumulation of oil in your facial pores. large stock 3d mink large stock 3d mink Use a gentle facial scrub regularly to get rid of

them. Never use a harsh scrub as that could cause fine lines and wrinkles to form on your face. The common factor to all these problems is the extreme oiliness of your skin. It is best to focus on preventing them from forming on your face. Use a gentle face scrub everyday and buy a good quality toner. Reduce the amount oil in your food and try to improve your diet. No amount of beauty treatments will improve your looks if you do not large stock 3d mink large stock 3d mink eat healthy. Increasing the amount of water you drink and wash your face with plain water many times a day. Do not waste your hard earned money on makeup cosmetics to address these problems. There is no easy way around them and you will have to remove them physically if you want your skin to look smooth and flawless.

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Makeup Tips For the Summer

Make-up and beauty have been associated with women for a long time. According to many narrators from history, ( lash vendors) it originated from Egypt. This is the reason why Cleopatra is thought to be the pioneer of makeup. Today, it has a new face. With more awareness of  factory direct mascara protecting your skin from processed products, many women prefer mineral cosmetics. Mineral makeup uses more organic ingredients which are less harmful to your skin. factory d direct mascara  

3D mink false lashes
3D mink false lashes Whatever may be the evolution of make-up, we know all women love it and life without it would not be very simple!

With summer arriving, style statement such as the type of clothing, the shoes, the hairdos and the cosmetics are all going to flaunt a little. In the summer, it is all about keeping yourself cool and still managing to look ravishing! A cool and a hot combo factory direct mascara !



During the warm season, make use of a lighter foundation so that the heat does not wear off the foundation as soon as you step out of the house. Emphasize on keeping on keeping your skin to glow. You can do this by putting a light shimmering powder on your face and avoid wearing heavy foundations. Many people think that it may not be wise to use a moisturizer in summer. This is not true. You skin will need a moisturizer in a warm factory direct mascara factory direct mascara climate as well. If you are going out in the sun, select a moisturizer which has a high SPF protection.

The next key features are your eyes. If you are going for a daytime party, avoid using very heavy eye shadows. Use highlighters on your upper eyelids near your eyebrow. As for the lower eyelid, use lighter shades. It is a good idea to add a little sparkle to your eyes. You can do this by putting on some mascara that is again not too heavy. If it is a beach party, you may wish to omit the mascara. For night parties, you may select darker shades for factory direct mascara factory direct mascara your eyes. The smoky look will look best for warm evening parties. Black or brown mascara will give an added charm to your eyes.

The cheeks are the next big thing! To highlight your cheeks you should use sheer pinks. It is a good idea to use soft shades of pink or brown to pad you cheeks. For daytime parties, apply the blush on the upper part of your cheeks near the cheek bones. As for the night parties, it would be a nice idea to use a slight blush on your jaw line.

Lips in the summer should look very subtle and gentle. Make the maximum use of lip glosses with gentle shades. Do not use a dark lip line to line the lipstick. If you are using a matte lipstick, the best shades will be light brown and pinks. Also bear in mind that you have to complement this with your eye shadow. With a smoky eye shadow, use a lipstick that is hardly noticeable. Simply a lip balm will also be a good choice for this. If your eye shadow is somewhat lighter, you can also go for those showy pinks on your lips.

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