‘Gossip Girl’ Season 3 – Show the Top Great 30 Moments You Will Never Miss

#30 Blair Makes Love to a Magazine
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#29 Dorota Hires 30 Prostitutes
Upper East Siders have a different approach to solving problems. You do not have friends to go to your mother’s fashion show? Hire prostitutes. Just be careful, because one of them might know a certain retailer that your mom is trying to impress.

#28 Jenny Saves Damien’s Overseas Drug-Peddling Ass
Not too long after hiring Jenny, Damien ditches her because Serena is irresistible like that. Little J is not her vengeful self because she saves the day by getting the pill-laden coat to their client.

That is “Oh my god, best sleepover ever” for you non-Gossip Girl lingo speakers. Do not giggle: it’s not as petty and superficial as you think. No one knows or cares about Blair at NYU, so she decides to return to the familiar territory of Constance, minions and sleepovers. OK, fine, it is a little ridiculous.

#26 Dorota’s Wedding
Plot-wise, the wedding was a ploy to make Blair realize how shortchanged and unhappy Chuck can make her feel at times. But on its own, Dorota’s wedding to sweet, sensitive Vanya was awesome and came complete with all the Russian traditions, including a pre-wedding roast.

#25 Lady Gaga
Roma-Ro-Ma-Ma! Gaga-Ooh-La-La! The song Lady Gaga performed on Gossip Girl was “Bad Romance” – awfully apt, don’t you think?

#24 Ursula’s Scenes Get Cut
Tyra Banks can not really act to save her life, but it was still good for a few laughs when she appeared on Gossip Girl as a crazy, melodramatic, attention-deprived prima donna. Wait, she played herself? “Everybody wants to see me fail!”

#23 No Headbands in College
College is turning out to be a drag for B. No one is up for free sushi and sake, Vanessa and her documentaries are popular and Georgina is back. Weird, but it was Dan who tried helping her fit in by bringing her to the rooftop party. Blair-Dan moments are so out of the blue they are always nice.

#22 Jenny Stays a Virgin
Little J remains uncharted territory after she refuses to give up her Big V to douchebag D, who quickly dumps her afterward. What, turning her into a drug mule is not enough, Damien?

#21 Blair and Vanessa Eat Croissants
At the end of a long day/episode, Blair and Vanessa find it apt to talk about their mistakes over croissants. They schemed against each other for a measly speech, and look where it got them: V’s hippie mom is disappointed and Chuck is furious at Blair’s betrayal (broadcast via a clandestine microphone).

#20 Jesus-Jesus Freaks Ruin the Party
Georgina gets owned at her own party when Blair invites her old Bible-thumping friends over to sing, dance and pass out pamphlets about Jesus.

#19 Surprise, Lily’s in William’s Room
Gasp! When Serena flies to Florida to visit good old dad, it is Lily who answers his hotel room door.

#18 William is Not Trustworthy
It just goes to show you can not trust a Baldwin. As it turns out, William is not the Doctor Without Borders type of man he has been pretending to be.

#17 Jenny Gets Drugged
Admit it: you giggled a bit when Jenny got drugged and dragged to a sleazy bar. If Agnes were a guy, she would have raped Little J herself and the whole thing would not have been as hilarious.

#16 Special Delivery from Maureen
We know she is a bitch, but we did not know Maureen “Tripp-and-I-would-grow-old-together” Vanderbilt would stoop that low. She is a little less fond of Serena for trying to steal her congressman, so she hand-delivers the incriminating letter to Rufus, who, after finding out that his wife was in her ex’s hotel room, pays Holland a visit. Let’s just say that Rufus was hitting two birds with one stone.

#15 Chuck’s Fake Date with Jenny
In an effort to shake Blair back to NYU reality, Chuck takes Jenny to a premiere and gets a paparazzo to take a photo of the two of them. It is a little douche-y, but he tries to justify it later by proclaiming: “Remember, I am Chuck Bass… and I love you.”

#14 Jenny is a Traitor
Beware of Little J. She will not give the phone to your boyfriend even if he is there! No, seriously, Jenny has had the hots for Nate for a few episodes now, and she takes it to the next level when she singlehandedly tries to break off Serenate by dangling Nate’s shirt on her bag and not relaying a crucial message when Serena flies off to Palm Springs.

#13 Nate Confesses His Feelings for Serena
OK, that was not shocking part. Forced to choose between married, scheming Tripp and single, nice Nate, guess who Serena chose? If you guessed Nate, you do not know Serena. But just the same: you are on your own, S.

#12 Jenny Dumps Yogurt on Eric
Beware of Jenny, you all. Do not dare sit above her and her posse on the Met steps. If she could do this to one of her best friends (few of them as there are), imagine what she would do to you.

#11 Chuck and Blair’s Role-playing Game
You know Chuck and Blair are a special couple when you consider the kind of games they play. They pick a beautiful girl, Chuck lures her, and just when said girl goes in for the kill, Blair shows up and gives her a serious tongue-lashing (“Take your American girl hair and your poreless skin and get out!”). Hey, whatever works right?

#10 Jack Returns
Evil Uncle Jack is back and so are the harassment lawsuits against Chuck, not to mention the too well-informed phalanx of photographers and press people.

#9 William Leaves, Serena’s Sad
S had dreams of reuniting with her dad, her mom getting well and the old VDW family finally getting together again. Unfortunately, those dreams were dashed when her dad turned out to be an ethically-challenged doctor.

#8 Serena Gets into an Accident
See why Serena finds it hard to make the right decisions? When she finally does make one (like leave Tripp), she gets into an accident! But really, what were those pesky wolves doing on the road?

#7 Blair Dumps Jack
For all the things both of them have suffered through for each other, you have to draw the line somewhere, right? When your boyfriend offers to trade you to his scheming uncle for his hotel, that is probably a sign.

#6 Le Threesome
Dan tries to play it cool with the whole awkward threesome idea, but when Olivia starts making out with him and Vanessa, poor Dan can not hold his jaw up.

#5 Chuck Kisses a Guy
It is one hyped-up kiss that turns out to be a quick peck on the lips. To blackmail the NYU guy (and consequently get the speech), Blair dangles Chuck and wait for Josh Ellis to check Number 27 on the Tribeca Scavenger Hunt. But what is more surprising is that it is not the first time Chuck has kissed a dude.

#4 Dan Kisses Georgina
In total WTF fashion, Dan wakes up the next day after the disastrous rooftop cum conversion party with Georgina asleep in his lap. Oh, Dan. You are supposed to be the smart one in the bunch, aren’t you?

#3 Blair tells Chuck that She Just Wants to be Happy.
After witnessing the simplicity of Vanya and Dorota’s love, Blair realizes she does not like the person she becomes when she is with Chuck. “This is the end, Chuck,” she says, before running off. As strong as the fandom is for Chuck and Blair, that was a good and valid point from B.

#2 Chuck’s Mom is Alive!
Or is she? Elizabeth/Evelyn pretty much confused the living daylights out of everyone when she appeared to be Chuck’s mom, then denied it, then admitted it again, then denied it again. On the Bart-heavy episode, Chuck finally decides to visit his father’s grave, but nothing could have prepared him for what he saw: A woman in a babushka, standing over his grave. The shockers? One, said woman recognized Chuck and two, she left a locket containing a photo of Bart’s.

#1 Chuck Gives Blair an Ultimatum
Here’s a real conflict: Blair is convinced that Chuck is not good for her, and Chuck is sure that Blair is the only girl he’d settle for. What does he do? Give her an ultimatum: meet him on top of the Empire State or lose his love forever… or at least until next season.

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