Learn How to Add Simple Basic Makeup in 4 Easy Steps

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During the day it is especially important not to use too much makeup as it can easily look very unnatural. You might set up a time limit where you decide that you should not spend more than five minutes to put make-up 100% mink fur lashes wholesale 100% mink fur lashes wholesale on. Another option would be to have a mirror by the window to check what the makeup looks like in daylight.



1. Before you begin to do 100% mink fur lashes wholesale 100% mink fur lashes wholesale your make up, it is important to apply a lot of moisture – a good day and eye cream is recommended. Dry areas may give an uneven color and would not look as fresh and good.

2. Start with the foundation or tinted day cream to smooth skin and color. If you have good color from before, you can use a bronzer that you put on with a brush. If appropriate, you can apply a light coat powder over your cheekbones, forehead and chin. This can also be used to cover broken capillaries, red spots and red areas around the nose.

3. Use a concealer (cream cover) under the eyes, and other locations of the face where you want to hide imperfections and stains. A good tip is to use concealer in the eye into the nose area.

4. Put on brown or black mascara, and add a little gloss on the lips. Add lipstick with a brush. It gives the best results or put lipstick on as usual, straight from the pin. Apply 2 layers.

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